Latest Hairstyle tricks for women

Latest Hairstyle tricks for women


Everyone knows good dressing sense and makeup is nothing without hairstyle.In the market, you can meet with many costly hair stylers but, with the help of the following tricks, you can save your money and time.


Every hairstyle is suited on specific face structure and on hair type.OVAL FACE-

Face structure for hairstyle
Face structure for hairstyle
Type of hair
Type of hair

OVAL SHAPE(For straight and open wave hair):-

If someone has oval shape face with straight or open wave hairs then firstly, she has to use good quality hair mask before bath. Because it can help to reduce the thickness and can help to make hairstyle.

  • Comb your hairs for 10 minutes.
  • Use dryer and roller to give shape to hairs you can also use hairspray if you hairs have high thickness.
  • For front, cut start using  comb from backside to front side

    steps for oval face hairstyle
    steps for oval face
hairstyle for oval face
hairstyle for oval face

OVAL SHAPE FACE HAIRSTYLE(For curly and wavy hair):-

curly hairs with oval face
curly hairs with an oval face


  • make a small partition of the right front and left front hairs.
  • Fold both this partition with each other behind the head.
  • Now fold the hairs from downward section to upward section and combine it with first fold.
  • An individual can also use some gel or water to rotate the hairs.





ROUND SHAPE FACE HAIRSTYLE(For straight, oven wave, curly hair):-

Mostly side partition and the front haircut is suited on the round faces but, if a person has double chin then side partition is suitable for her.

  • Firstly, comb your all hair and use a little amount of oil on it.
  • Secondly, make a partition of 70 -30 with the help of comb-like the following image
round face hairstyle
round face style



  • Use dryer or roller comb to give shape to hair in the case of curls use some amount of water while, hairstyling.







SQUARE SHAPE FACE HAIRSTYLE(For every type of hairs):-

steps for hair
steps for hair


  •  Firstly, use a large amount of hairspray.
  •  Use a teasing brush to tease hair from the front of your hairline to the back section of your hair. Tease one-inch sections at a time and brushing from the middle section.
  •  Create a half-up ponytail with the top half of hair with the help of elastic.
  •  Grab a one-inch section of hair directly underneath the elastic of the half-up ponytail.
  •  Wrap the loose one-inch section of hair around the half-ponytail to conceal the elastic.
  • Moreover, Pin the ends of the wrapped hair underneath the elastic.