How to increase height

How to increase height

is a very common question in between youngsters and in the people of north Asia. Because in the northern region the percentage of short height highly counts.There are many factors which answer the question that how to increase height such as Genetic, Nutritional, Calcium, Environmental, Stretching of bones, Exercises, Sports.

Genetic factor plays a crucial role behind the height means to say our height is based on the height of our parents and grandparents due to DNA but nobody knows how this DNA works, by following the subsequent tips anyone can fulfill the dream of tall height even the 20 years older person can also increase his height.Some time normal height person also seems too short due to high weight and fatty face or double chin. This type of person has to work on double chin reduction or weight loss plan rather than how to increase height plan.



height chart
height chart


Follow this height chart with your height if your height or weight is less according to chart then you have to do workout according to it. For example- if your age is 12 or your height cm is according to the age of 10 then you have to do workout two times larger then the age of 11.

How to increase height


Make a proper diet chart in which you have to target some rich vitamins, calcium, protein diet.because calcium is stored in the structure of the bones and teeth in our body so calcium is first height increasing formula.Protein is very helpful to make hormones, muscles.Vitamins facilitate many of the body’s mechanisms and perform functions which cannot be performed by any other nutrients.

please add eggs, broccoli, Lentils, cabbage, milk, yogurt, cheese, almonds, oats, soy products likewise tofu, soya milk, carrots, sweet potatoes, winter squash, apricots, spinach, kale, and collard greens

Avoid foods-Industrial vegetable oils, Artificial trans fats, Chinese food, cold drink, Processed Meat.

How to increase height


Stretching Exercises is very important factor to increase height.Because with the various stretching exercises our muscles and bones become flexible even our performance level is also improved by the stretching.But, the main question is that how to increase height with stretching.

THERE are number of stretching exercises which can help us to increase our height –

stretching exercises for height
How to increase height

NOTE- If someone has injury or neck problem then this exercises can be harmful to them.

GUIDANCE- In every exercise, your focus must be on your spinal code

1.In every exercise, your focus must be on your spinal code

2. Except Sunday do all these exercises for 2 months.

2 After completing the one set of exercise take 5-minute rest then, repeat set one more time

How to increase height


Main factor which contributes the height

1.Wall stretching is one of the best methods to increase height. A person has to do this stretching 30 times in a day and he or she has to divide this exercise into 10 sets means to say 10 set in morning 10 in evening and night.

2. Ways to do wall stretching.

how to increase height
how to increase the height


step1-Standup against the wall.

step2- Raise your hands with help of wall.

step3-Push your body to the upper side with the help of the wall.

Step4- Stretch your spinal code slowly.

Step5- Now come to the rest mode.






How to increase height

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